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Carlinville School Board re-organized, discusses salary changes

Retiring board members Bobbi Bates and Martha Armour received clocks made by CHS students in honor of their time spent on the Carlinville School Board. Photo contributed.

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville School Board met May 15 for its regularly scheduled meeting. There were several new faces on the board as the previous board members Bobbi Bates, Martha Armour and Dale Reels retired. Taking their places are Brandon Little, Maya Reid and Kathy Norris. Sam Harding was re-elected to his position following the April consolidated election. Dan Kallal and Craig Frankford were not up for re-election this year. Bob Duckels took the position that was vacated by Molly Rosentreter earlier this year.

Board Re-Organization

The board was first re-organized following the swearing in of the new members. Kallal was elected President of the Board, Norris is Vice President and Harding was elected to the position of Secretary. Frankford remained in the position of Treasurer. Theresa Gwillim was reappointed as the secretary to the Board.

The Carlinville School Board was reorganized at the beginning of its May meeting. From left sit Brandon Little, Maya Reid, Sam Harding, Dan Kallal, Kathy Norris, Craig Frankford and Bob Duckels. Photo contributed.

Salary Discussion

The salary schedules and step increase of the support staff and administrative staff were approved. Library/Office Assistants have a salary range from $16 at the first step to $24.20 at the 15th step. An assistant cook/cashier/baker would receive a wage between $15 and $22.69 depending on their step. A lead cook would make between $16 and $24.50 per hour. The wage for custodians would range between $16.10 and $24.50, while a lead custodian salary ranges between $16.60 and $25.11.

A maintenance worker for the district has a salary schedule between $24.05 and $36.38, depending on step. Secretaries make an hourly wage between $16.75 and $25.34. The registrar/ fiscal assistant/executive secretary has a wage range beginning at $19.30 and wending at $29.19, based on step salary increase. Drivers for the district earn between $16 and $36.50 depending on what vehicle they are driving.

Dan Presley, Gayla Walters, Heather DeNeve, Rich McClain and Jim Roth were approved for a 4.5 percent salary increase for the 2023-2024 school year.

Matters of Employment

Several matters of employment were discussed by the board. The resignation of Renee Rehkemper as Middle School Basketball Coach and Amanda Roberts as a substitute driver/monitor, effective immediately were accepted. Also accepted was the resignation of Emilee Marcuzzo as the Middle School PE teacher and Middle School Basketball Coach, effective at the end of the 2022-2023 school year.

The board employed Jill Pope as the Study Hall Monitor and Tyler Finnegan as a High School Social Science Teacher. Kaitlyn Moore was employed as an elementary teacher and Ashton Gracie Jones was employed as an elementary early special education teacher. Melanie Murphy was hired as a High Impact Tutor.

A motion to re-employ several members of the staff was presented at the meeting and approved.

District Projects

Several building projects have been in discussion over the past months to take place in summer. Two of the bids for projects were accepted. The bid to closed cell foam the walls of the newly purchased storage building was accepted. R Factor won the bid for $28,150.

A bid was also accepted from Direct Fitness Solutions for the flooring in the fitness building for $55,301. DeLaurent Construction was awarded the bid for oiling and chipping the High School and Middle School Parking lots for $97,448.

Other Business

The board accepted the motion to adopt the surplus resolution FY23-6.

Board Policy changes, recommended by Press 111 and policy 7:270, were approved.

The bids for food from Prairie Farms, Kohl Foods and Little Italy’s Pizza were approved.

A resolution regarding Hazardous Routes for the 2023-24 school year was adopted.