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County Board discusses new committee, project updates at Jan. meeting

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Macoupin County Board met Jna. 9 for their regular January meeting. Several items were up for discussion including the Ad Hoc Committee for Community Police Presence, an update on the Courthouse HVAC project and the Citizen’s Guide to County Government.
Community Police Presence Committee

After a suggestion by Aaron Stayton at the December board meeting, an ad hoc committee was established to determine ways to better serve the people of Macoupin County in terms of Police Presence. Several areas lack adequate staffing in their Police Departments, meaning the Sheriff’s Dept. has been stepping in to patrol the communities. Stayton proposed a plan to divide the town’s police department budgets and give funding to the County to hire more County officer’s to patrol the areas in need of help.

At the December meeting, the committee proposal was to have Police Chiefs from several towns on the committee. Due to the number of interested parties and the fact that not all Police Chiefs and Departments would be involved in the initial phases of planning, it was recommended that the committee be limited to only County board members and County Staff.

The Proposed Committee members are Aaron Stayton as Chair, Holly Klausing, Molly Rosentreter, Bernie Kiel, Sheriff Shawn Kahl, Chief Deputy Quinn Reiher, Deputy Ryan Dixon, Macoupin County State’s Attorney Jordan Garrison, and Assistant State’s Attorney Kyle Frericks.

HVAC Update

There was no action taken during the HVAC update. The board heard of the construction plans and saw drawings of the work that would be done.

County Government Guide

A new version of the Citizen’s Guide to County Government for 2024 was approved by the board. It has the up to date Board and Board member information, including meeting dates and committee assignments.

Other Business

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Guide was also presented to the board for the new year. FOIA officers for each County department were updated and listed in the guide as well as information on how to file a FOIA request.

County Treasurer Amber McGartland provided an update on the County’s CD’s. She told the board that she increased the number of CD’s the county had from 10 to 30. Most of the funds are to go to the “rainy day fund.”

The Board approved the motion to seek bids for the demolition of the Old Clinic Building on East Main Street in Carlinville.

The appointment of Adam Schulte to the unexpired term of Jarid Schulte on the Mt. Olive Fire Protection District was approved.

The Board approved a resolution in support of the Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau.