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Carlinville holds annual Merchant’s Night

The Hadley family dressed up in a Toy Story group costume featuring Woody, Buzz, a Toy Solider and Aliens to hit the Square during Merchant’s Night. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

Businesses and organizations form all over Carlinville and the surrounding area set up stands last Thursday to participate in Carlinville’s annual Merchant’s Night event. Kids of all ages lined the streets of Carlinville to get treats and goodies from the participating businesses. The costumes ranged from funny to scary and there seemed to only be treats and no tricks.

Kids and families lined the streets of Carlinville for two hours on October 27, participating in Merchant’s Night. Princesses and superheros were common costumes, there were several Wednesday Addams’ and many characters from movies, shows and video games. Enquirer~Democrat photos by Erin Sanson.