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Water Meters, Public Safety Building, Electric projects discussed at Carlinville Council

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

There were several visitors and multiple topics of discussion at the Carlinville Council meeting held Oct. 16. The Public Safety Building roof, additional water meter costs and the sale of property were all items of discussion.

Public Comment

Chris Hartsook, Chris McCurley and Julie Boente with “Our Market at the Plaza” came to the council to give a monthly update. “Our Market” will be hosting a pre-construction open house on Nov. 12 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. The first 100 visitors can win free food and there will be a virtual walk-through of the space beginning at 2 p.m.

Ed Taylor came before the council to discuss Central Bank Digital Currency. While there is no direct effect on Carlinville, Taylor said President Biden had proposed a Central Bank Digital Currency for the U.S., which Taylor is opposed to. He asked the council members and any citizens who were also opposed to the idea to write their legislators voicing their opposition.

Public Safety Building Roof

Martin Roofing is contracted to redo the roof on the Public Safety Building. The roof project was previously approved up to $297,000, but the project is estimated to only cost about $266,000. That estimate includes the new roof design with internal and roof drains. The project is hoped to be started and finished in November.

Water Meters

Alderman Bill Link told the council that there were approximately 50 water meters that could not be read due to a communications problem. The City is bringing in the engineering firm to figure out how to fix the issue. The firm quoted roughly $200,000 to address the issue and make the necessary repairs. Link proposed the council ask Linda Boente to find a loan for an additional $200,000 or add the amount to the current loan to address the issues. The council voted to have Boente pursue a loan for $200,000 for the best interest rate she can find.

Electricity at Carlinville Lake

At a previous meeting, Dan Held informed the council of Bryozoa forming in the lake and problems they cause for filters and pumps in the lake. In order to run the pumps in Lake 1 there needs to be electricity. Held asked the council to approve electrical work up to $23,500 so Public Works can run the pumps to clear up the Bryozoa.

Zoning Code

The ordinance on solar panels that has been in discussion for several months with the council was reintroduced with changes. The ordinance stated that roof installed solar panels should not exceed the height of a building by more than five feet, ground based solar panels shall not be taller than 10 feet in height and “should be enclosed with fencing.” The ordinance also called for solar panels to be installed by a licensed and bonded installer. There were several more issues brought forth with the ordinance.

Though fencing was stated as a requirement in the ordinance, Alderman Doug Downey stated that fencing was not required. The ordinance therefor needs to be amended of that requirement. Alderman Kim Harber also said, that as far as he has found there is no such thing as a solar license.

Alderman Todd Koller said he felt that solar legislation was “too much in its infancy stage” to regulate solar. Harber agreed saying that there is not a standard for solar design at this point.

The council voted to table the ordinance and revisit it at a later time.

Special Use Permit

Nikki Palmer with Patterson House, Inc. was present at the meeting to discuss a special use permit for a home on Harrington St. to be turned into a CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) Home. The house is currently a single family residence, which would be used to house roughly four individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. This would be the fifth CILA home in Carlinville, the zoning board saw no issue with the request and the committee made a motion to grant the permit. A special hearing was held regarding the permit but there was no comment from the public at the hearing. The council approved the special use permit.

Sale of Property

Two ordinances regarding the sale of property at 1000 and 1020 N. Broad were brought back to council. There was originally a minimum bid requirement of $10,000 for the lots but there was no interest in the properties. The minimum bid has now been taken out, but added to the ordinance was a statement saying the City has the right to reject any or all bids on the property.

Another ordinance authorizing the solicitation of sale of property at 830 Mayo St. was approved.