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Blackburn Water lines, Safety Center roof among topics at September Carlinville Council meeting

The Public Safety Center, which opened in Fall 2022 has had a number of issues with the roof leaking. According to the Police Chief Derek Graham, during the last rainfall there were about 10 areas that began leaking including above the dispatch center. A bid for the roof was approved at the September 5 meeting.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville City Council met for its first September meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 5 due to the Labor Day Holiday on Monday. There were several matters up for discussion including the Public Safety Center roof, a peddlers license increase and a lengthy discussion was held regarding the installation of water mains at Blackburn College. There was also an executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

Safety Center Roof

The roof of the Public Safety Center has been causing problems recently. Chief Derek Graham confirmed that there had been ten areas where leaks had occurred in the roof, including in the dispatch area. He said “thanks to quick action by the staff none of the equipment was damaged.”

After reviewing the bids for the roof, D.E. Martin Roofing provided a bid of $297,323, which was the low bid. The vote was unanimous to approve the bid.

Dugger Body Shop Ordinances

Two ordinances, which were first presented in August, were back before the council with a slight change in language. The original ordinance dictated a $5,000 minimum bid for the properties at 1000 and 1020 North Board Street, also known as the Dugger Body Shop property. Since the two properties were being sold together, the minimum bid must be $10,000 for both rather than $5,000 for each. The ordinances were approved by the council and the properties will be advertised for sale soon.

Peddlers License Fee

The Peddlers License for Carlinville was $100 per day per person. The Council voted on Tuesday to increase the price to $250 per day per person. Aldermen Downey, Koller and Reese voted against the measure. Harber, Levora, Link and Ober voted for, Wagstaff was not able to attend the meeting. The motion passed 4 to 3 to increase the license fee.

Blackburn Water Mains

A lengthy discussion was held regarding the installation of water mains at Blackburn College to service the practice facility that is in the process of being built. City Attorney Don Craven drafted an ordinance for the water line due to the irregular size of the line to be installed, eight inches compared to a more standard two-inch pipe.

According to Blackburn Project manager Norm Gillen, the college plans to extend a six-inch non-metered fire suppression line from Bothwell Auditorium. Blackburn is requesting an eight-inch suppression line be extended from the 12-inch main on University Street. The eight-inch line would then be connected to the six-inch extended line to increase fire suppression water on the campus and keep the water moving through the line rather than being stagnant. Once the eight-inch line passes through the Athletic facility, the line will “T” into two more line. One line will be unmetered and used for fire suppression, the other line will have a meter on it to measure potable water. Blackburn is asking the city to provide and install the eight-inch tap to the 12-inch main line.

Woodard and Curran noticed several issues which were addressed in a memo handed out to most council members at the meeting, though some had seen it before the meeting took place. Issues such as a lack of backflow reports from Blackburn, which are required and other items that were not addressed specifically during the meeting, were noted.

Some council members questioned the need to have an ordinance regarding the water lines. Craven stated that the city is “mostly” following the established ordinances but not entirely. Link said that “having the ordinance provides precedence in case another business or industry needed to install a larger line, as Blackburn is doing.”

Downey made the motion to table the action, citing the memo being given to him just moments prior and wanting time to study the issue. There was no second to the motion initially. Link was asked if he would like to make a motion to approve the ordinance. He hesitated, saying that “if the motion is not seconded it would need to wait six months before being brought before the council again and the project would be stalled in the meantime.” A motion was then made to table the issue and bring it back to the Public Works committee with input from Blackburn on the areas of concern and issues brought forth in the meeting.

Other Business

A credit/debit card fee of three percent was approved by the council. A new card machine will also be added to City Hall for anyone using a card to purchase a license or pay a fee. Customers using their cards at either location will have a three percent fee attached to that use.

A tree removal quote on Johnson Street was given to the city by Emmons Tree Service for $600. The tree in question is on public lands, though Alderman Koller said the resident who brought the tree to the councils attention stated he would go 50-50 on the cost. The tree was approved for removal for $300 by the council and $300 by the resident. There will also be sidewalk repairs needed once the tree is removed, which will be the usual 50/50 split between the city and resident.

Carlinville Wal-Mart requested the use of three to four parking spaces on the Square so they could participate in Merchant’s Night. The request was approved.

Sue Mueller, with the Chamber of Commerce, sent in correspondence asking to use the planters on the Square to hold a “Square”crow competition. Residents will be able to create scarecrows for a $15 entry fee, those scarecrows would then placed in different planters around the Square and the public would have the opportunity to vote on their favorites. The scarecrows will be up from Sept. 29 through Oct. 31. The council voted to allow the Chamber to use the planters for their “Square”crow event.