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Carlinville council meets, discuss Public Works report, equipment purchases and property sales

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville Council met on August 21 for a lengthy meeting as it was time for the yearly Operating Report from the Public Works Department.

Annual Operating Report

In terms of Health And Safety there was only one minor incident due to an employees run in with poison ivy. Dan Held, Director of Public Works, reported that there was no time lost associated with that incident and that all employees would be receiving a bonus for working safely.

The wastewater treatment plant treated 589.9 million gallons over the last year, an increase of 15 percent or 12.5 million gallons, from the previous year. The wastewater treatment plant was over the NPDES permit limits three times in the last year. In December, the Ammonia as N level reached 10.20 mg/L. The limit is 1.5 mg/L. In October, the CBOD5 and Suspended Solids levels were over their limits as well. The CBOD5 was reading as 10.2 mg/L, while the limit is 10 mg/L. The suspended solids were at 13.8, the limit is 12.

The water treatment plant treated approximately 296 million gallons of water this year, an increase of 2.8 percent over the previous year. The water treatment plant was out of compliance in July 2022 due to issues obtaining an iron sample, though the matter is now closed. The water quality report states that the water was within its limits on fluoride, turbidity and chlorine throughout the year. Held said they are about 250 water meters left to replace in town. He also mentioned that there are Bryozoans, also called “Moss Animals” in both Carlinville lakes. Bryozoans are not harmful but they can cause clogs in the water screens.

The Street Department had work requests totaling 2,483, an increase of 838 or 51.8 percent over the previous year. The report claims the increase in calls was due mostly to the installation of fiber optic cables in town.

The water collection office collected $2.789 million during the year. This was an increase of 5.3 percent.

Woodard and Curran went over budget in the 2022-23 Fiscal year. Going over budget was attributed to increases in utilities, chemicals for water and sewer treatment, repair and maintenance and laboratory fees.

Equipment purchases

A pump at the Waste Water Treatment Plant was in need or repair or replacement. The council decided to replace the pump due to the extensive work that would need to be done to repair the pump. Vandevanter Engineering proposed to replace the pump and guiderails for $17,005. The council approved replacing the pump.

The purchase of a new Jetter/Vac Truck was approved by the council. The estimate from EJ Equipment for the truck of $127,382 was approved. The council also approved a loan form Bank and Trust company of up to $130,000 to cover the purchase.

Sale of property

Two ordinances were discussed during the meeting to seek bids on the properties located at 1000 and 1020 North Broad St.

There will be a $5,000 minimum bid per lot. Changes need to be made to some of the wording of the Ordinance so it will be voted on at an upcoming meeting.


The council had three letters to discuss under correspondence. Joey Boente with Country Financial asked the council if he would be allowed to block off the north west alley on the Square to put food trucks for a first responder and teacher appreciation day in September. Boente is still working on getting dates worked out but will come back to the council with an official date should they approve his request. The council approved pending a final date.

Jon Convery submitted a letter asking for use of the Square on Oct. 6 and 7 to host a Brave Days event. The sidewalk from the Tarrant and Harmon building to South Broad, three to four parking spaces in front of Brave Hazel, the north half of the south side square alley and Gazebo and lawn area will be used during the event. The council approved the request.

Unhinged Motorcycle Club requested the first block of east main be closed on Sept. 20 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the HEIDI Ride. The council approved the request with the stipulation that parking be accessible by residents of the apartment buildings in that block.

Other business

The council approved the bid from Lange Excavating for the demolition and cleanup of the 830 Mayo St. property.

A bid from Marcus Davis Lawncare for landscaping work on The Square was approved by the council for $16,000. New brick pavers and plants will be installed, the installation should begin at the end of August. Alderman Todd Koller abstained from the vote.

The lease of property at the Carlinville Lake was approved to transfer from Davis to Harris.

The council approved a motion to change and advertise the Zoning Administrator position from Full-Time to Part-Time in hopes of growing interest in the position.

The council received bids back from Henson Robinson and D.E. Martin roofing for the Public Safety Building roof project. Martin is the low bid but the council has not yet approved the contract as there are still questions at to what work will be done.