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HS boys’ soccer season kicks off on Route 66

Enquirer Democrat Reporter

The high school boys’ soccer season is back in full swing with the Route 66 Kickoff Classic at the end of August.

As usual, Carlinville and North Mac will both be hosting matches.

The tournament features two pools of four teams. On the last day, crossover matches will be played to determine final rankings.

All games, with the exception of the third place and championship matches, will feature 40-minute halves without an overtime. If the score is tied at the conclusion of regulation in the third place dual, it will go straight to PKs to determine the winner. An extended championship match will be decided via the same style as Illinois High School Association playoff matches with both overtime and penalty kicks as a possibility.

In pool play, which begins Sat., Aug. 26 and continues Tues., Aug. 29, teams will be rewarded three standing points for a win and one tally for a tie. If there is a draw in the pool play rankings, the advantage will be rewarded based on head-to-head results. If a tie still remains, the next deciding tier is the number of goals allowed, followed by overall score differential and a coin flip.

This year’s participants are Carlinville, Hillsboro, Athens, Springfield Lutheran, North Mac, Staunton, Lincolnwood and Litchfield.

The seventh, fifth, third and championship games will all be played Wed., Aug. 30. Action kicks off at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. at both sites.

Locations will be assigned after the pairings are finalized. If Carlinville and North Mac aren’t matched up against each other, they will both host their respective matches. Otherwise, a head-to-head game will be played in Virden.

Sept. 2 will be used as a rain date, if necessary.

Saturday, August 26
9 a.m. – Carlinville vs. Lutheran @ Carlinville
9 a.m. – North Mac vs. Lincolnwood @ North Mac
11 a.m. – Hillsboro vs. Athens @ Carlinville
11 a.m. – Litchfield vs. Staunton @ North Mac
1:30 p.m. – Lutheran vs. Hillsboro @ Carlinville
1:30 p.m. – Lincolnwood vs. Litchfield @ North Mac
3:30 p.m. – Athens vs Carlinville @ Carlinville
3:30 p.m. – Staunton vs. North Mac @ North Mac
Tuesday, August 29
5 p.m. – Lincolnwood vs. Staunton @ Carlinville
5 p.m. – Lutheran vs. Athens @ North Mac
7 p.m. – Carlinville vs. Hillsboro @ Carlinville
7 p.m. – North Mac vs. Litchfield @ North Mac