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Public works projects discussed, Gazebo updates approved at Carlinville Council meeting

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville City Council met July 17 for its only July meeting. The previous meeting was scheduled for July 3 but was canceled due to the July 4 holiday. Several matters were discussed during the meeting, such as public works projects and an Eagle Scout request.


A proposal for a Center St. and Ravine St. lift station was brought to the council. The lift station is not functioning properly and the old pumps have start components inside the pump top. When the components fail the entire pump has to be disassembled, removed and then reassembled to repair the pump.
Vandevanter Engineering proposed new grinder pumps be installed along with a new control panel which would have start components located in the control panel so the pump would not need to be removed for repairs.

The total cost for the project is $35,645, which is built in to this year’s budget. It will take ten weeks to receive the delivery and then complete the installation. The council approved the project.

Also approved was a project with Woodard and Curran for the Wastewater Treatment Plant project plan. Woodard and Curran will develop a project plan to determine the best course of action to improve the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Eagle Scout Project

Boy Scout Matthew Dunn came to the council with his proposal for an Eagle Scout project that wold also benefit the City. Dunn asked the council’s permission to clean, re-stain the floors and bannisters, repaint the metal handrails and redo the lattice work on the Gazebo for his Eagle Scout project.

The wood stain was previously donated to the city for this purpose but work was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no cost to the city for the work and if the council approved the project the only part the city would be involved in would be finding date for the work to be done.

The council members enthusiastically approved Dunn’s plan to work on the Gazebo.

Public Safety

During Public comment Alderwoman Vicky Wagstaff first expressed her thanks to the emergency responders and law enforcement who responded to an emergency near her home on July 12. She said she had received questions as to why the city did not provide more information about the incident, especially as the suspect in the case was not in custody.

Police Chief Derek Graham said that they department is looking into ways to handle such situations better. Graham said he did not want to cause fear and that releasing such information can often lead to “ghost calls,” which he said takes away resources from dealing with the incident.

Other business

The Rotary Club submitted a request to use the Square for its annual Ice cream Social on July 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. This request was approved by the council.
Cindy Grau, with the Blackburn Pigger Committee, requested West First North street outside of Reno’s be closed on Friday, Sept. 29 from 5:30-11 p.m. for a reunion party. The council approved the request.

Joe Direso submitted an item of correspondence regarding the TIF areas in Standard Addition and Main Street. He questioned the council on Joint Review Board and public meetings. He also questioned how funds from the TIF areas were spent or plans to spend those funds.

The council approved a request to rezone 227 East First South Street, the Gazda Insurance Agency building, from neighborhood commercial to a government building. The Gazda building was recently purchased by the County to serve as the new election center.