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Zoning code changes approved, public works projects discussed

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville City Council had a longer agenda than usual on June 5 with several matters of correspondence to attend to as well as several other matters of business and an executive session.

Zoning Code Changes

Changes to the Zoning Code were approved by the council for short terms rentals and for several types of signs.

The second section of the zoning code was updated to add Short Term Rental Structures to the code. The amended ordinance allows for residences providing “short term stars for up to 10 guests.” These rentals must also be in operation for more than 10 nights in a 12 month period and do not provide laundry, food or entertainment. Motels, bed and breakfasts, boarding homes and food service establishments are not included in the amendment.

The second amendment has to do with signage. Sandwich boards are allowed for advertising or promotions but they can not exceed 12 square feet. They also can not block driver or pedestrian vision or traffic.

Windless banners are also allowed but can only be displayed during business hours. Banners cannot exceed 12 square feet and can only be displayed 7 days prior to or during an event.

The amendments were approved unanimously.

Public Works Projects

A number of public work projects were approved for the Fiscal Year 2023-2024. These projects were included in the budget. Some of the upcoming projects include the Lead Service Line project, which Carlinville received a grant for, work on the Schien Water Tower tank repairs and the Water meter replacement project.

Alderman Bill Link, who brought the projects to the council for approval, also asked that either Linda Boente or Judy Reichmann look into a loan for the city to complete all repairs to the Schien Water Tower.

The public work projects were approved with only one vote against, the motion to instruct Boente or Reichmann to seek a loan was approved unanimously.

Meter Reader Replacement

MB Construction is replacing water meters throughout Carlinville and need access to residents yards and, in some cases, homes to replace these meters. MB Construction will knock on doors of homes with meters located inside. Residents who are not home will have a door hanger left on their front door with instructions to schedule an appointment for their meter to be replaced.

Sidewalk Replacement

A sidewalk replacement project which was brought up at the last city council meeting continued to be discussed this month. Link went out to see the damage to the sidewalks at the Zion Lutheran Church. There was damage done to parts of the walk that were not on city property, which Link informed the church the City would not pay for. There was also damage on the North and West side sidewalks. The project would cost the City $7,200 for its half of the replacement project. The motion to approve the project was approved.

Alluvial Project Update

Carlinville Alluvial representative Dan Held gave a brief Alluvial Water Project update. Alluvial says the project is making headway as more community members sign easement agreements. So far, only 21 percent of agreements have been signed, though Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company says it hopes for 100 percent signed by January 2024 so construction can begin by 2025.

Landowners and community members are invited to attend meetings about the project. A meeting for landowners was held June 8 at the Carlinville Public Safety Center.


In matters of correspondence there were two letters from the Rotary Club. The first asked for the council’s approval to place Rotary Flags along East First South Street in June and/or July to show that Carlinville is a “rotary town.” Mayor Sarah Oswald brought up that the American Flags usually remain up until at least July 4th each year, other council members agreed that they usually remained up. Oswald said she would reach out to Rotary President Matt Slightom for more information.

The second matter from the Rotary Club came from Rotary Halloween Chairperson Matt Gazda. Gazda sought the Council’s permission to hold the annual Halloween parade on Oct. 28, returning the parade to its previous Saturday night schedule. The Rotary previously asked permission from the Council at the May 1 meeting to hold the parade on Sunday, Oct. 29.

The theme for the parade will still be UFOs and Aliens. The parade will begin at 6:15 p.m. on Saturday night. Alderman Randy Ober said that many people had requested the Rotary parade be moved back to night and that he was “glad to see that happen.”

Sue Mueller on behalf of the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce requested use of the Square for an Art and Food Truck Festival in September. Mueller was hoping for either Sept. 16 or 23 for this festival.

Olivia Turley sought permission from the council for a Krispy Kreme fundraiser on the Square on Sat. June 10. The proceeds would fund the 5th annual Macoupin County Pet Show. The proceeds of the pet show go to the Animal Shelter.

Gene Sullivan asked permission to have a band on Saturdays during the summer, once or twice a month. He asked to block off the first part of East Main Street for the band. Any band would play until 10 p.m. and the street would be cleaned and reopened by midnight.

Unhinged Motorcycle Club asked the council’s permission to close the first block of East Main Street on June 17 from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. for the C.O.P.S Ride. The street would be closed to accommodate rider registration, games and food.

The council approved a motion to accept and place on file all correspondence.

Public Comment

There were two matters brought to the Council during public comment.

Jerry Wilson was at the meeting, expressing that he took issue with the way the Mayor and Aldermen were doing, or not doing their jobs. He felt that each alderman could be doing more in their wards and that the Mayor was not in her office enough. Link reminded him that Mayor was a part-time position.

He also felt that the town had too many gambling establishments and that the number should be limited.

Chris Hartsook and Prof. Christine McCurley with Our Market at the Plaza came by to give the council an update on the project, something they hope to continue to do monthly.

Interior designs of the building were handed out to the council and audience members. Hartsook said that a new roof was currently being placed on the building. After the roof is placed interior demolition will begin. Our Market was seeking $300,000 worth of investment the last time they were at a council meeting. They are now seeking a remaining $150,000. More information on the project or investments into the project can be found online at

City Clerk Carla Brockmeier reminded the council that the next meeting would be on June 20 in observance of Juneteenth and there will not be a council meeting on July 3.