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Macoupin County consolidated election results

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

Few of the races in the Macoupin County consolidated election on Tuesday, April 4 were contested. Most races had only one candidate and some had no candidates at all. With few choices to make, the voter turnout for Macoupin County was very low. Only 3,594 ballots were cast out of 31,790 registered voters, or 11 percent of voters in the county choose to go to the polls.

Contested Races

Dona Rauzi won the vote for the Gillespie Alderman of Ward 1. Rauzi was up against Jared Link for the seat. Rauzi received 67 percent of the vote.

Alderman for Ward 2 in Gillespie was also up for grabs. David Link Sr. and Bryan Waggoner were both vying for the position. In the end Link was elected with a 20 vote margin between the candidates.

Ward 3 in Virden had three candidates campaigning for one seat. Anthony Boster, William Sharp and Lisa Cunningham were all on the ballot. Cunningham had the most votes with 74 of the 125 votes cast.

Residents of Royal Lakes could vote for three of the five candidates to be the Village Trustees. There were 98 votes cast in the race. Angela Sanders received 29, Charrease Frazier received 27 and Henry Sanders received 16 of the votes. Tonya Stainback and Gary Weber received 14 and 12 of the votes, respectively.

Modesto had four individuals run for Village Trustee. John Dambacher, Jerry Patterson and Kerry Leach received 19,18 and 16 of the votes respectively. Martha Anderson received 13 votes.

There were five candidates for the Southwestern School board but only four seats open. Jason Oertel received the most votes with 293 votes out of the 1,234 cast. Jacob Reno received 270, Nicholas Strohbeck won 253 of the votes and Andrew Ruyle will be on the board with 240 votes. Brad Schuchman was the fifth candidate, who received 178 of the votes.
The two candidates for the North Mac School Board District 3 Board Member split the vote equally. Jeremy White and Mark Wright both received 29 votes, with 58 votes cast in total.

Public Questions

There were three Public Questions on the ballot this election cycle.

One asked citizens whether Eagerville Village should increase its corporate tax rate. Only 11 votes were cast, nine voted for the increase and two against.

A second question asked citizens of Royal Lakes if the board size should be reduced from six to three. This vote was split with 26 ballots cast in favor of the reduction and 26 against reducing the board size.

The final question asked citizens of Gillespie about a proposition for the City to levy a new tax for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) benefits for full-time City of Gillespie employees. Of the 482 votes cast, 275 voted against the measure, 207 voted to create the new tax rate.

City Council
Ward 1 – Jerry Saracco
Ward 2 – Norman Emmons
Ward 3 – Dustin Fletcher

Bunker Hill
City Council
Ward 1 – David Schick
Ward 2 – Glenn Bruckert

School Board
Julie Fulton, Bradley Jarden and David Monetti will sit on the Bunker Hill School Board.

City Council
Ward 1 – Todd Koller
Ward 2 – William “Bill” Link
Ward 3 – Kenneth Reese
Ward 4 – Terry “Randy” Ober

School Board
Brandon Little, Maya Reid, Samuel Harding and Katherine Norris will sit on the School Board.

City Council Candidates
Ward 3 – Billy Hayes
Ward 4 – Wendy Rolando

School Board
Mark C. Hayes, Weye Schmidt, Amanda Ross and Kellie Vesper will sit on the Gillespie School Board. Peyton Bernot will fill the two year unexpired term on the school board.

City Council
Ward 1 – Taylor Edwards
Ward 2 – Joseph Marko
Ward 3 – Sara Fugate

Mt. Olive
City Council Candidates
Ward 1 unexpired term – John Goldacker
Ward 1 – Ernest Parish Jr.
Ward 2 – Leah Wheatly
Ward 3 – Steven Remer
Ward 4 – Chuck Cox

School Board
John Skertich, David Brunnworth, Steven Remer and Craig Rimar will sit on the Mt. Olive School Board.

City Council
Ward 1 – David Dias
Ward 2 unexpired term – Kristy Berg
Ward 3 – No Candidate
Ward 4 – Terry Tipler
Ward 4 unexpired term – Matthew McKee

School Board
Bradley Best, Dori Rhodes and Clayton Green will sit on the Staunton School Board. David Lamore will fill the two year unexpired term.

City Council
Ward 1 – Carolynne Calloway
Ward 2 – Mark Bertolino
Ward 3 – Lisa Cunningham
Ward 4 – Evan Ibberson

Trustees – Donald Little, Marcella Wilfong and John Bramley.

Trustees – Michael Elliott, Brandon Callarman and Thomas Miller.

Trustees – Jeffrey Kirkwood and Susie Campbell.

Trustees – Julie Zirkelbach, Dennis Zirkelbach and Josh Dixon.

East Gillespie
Trustees – Ryan Bussman and Sheldon Weinberg.

Lake Ka-Ho
Trustees – Stehphen Schelm, Jean Inman and Jeanette Rensing.
Trustee for unexpired term – Daniel Kelley.

Trustees – Rachel Woods, Randy Draper and Ronald Bellitto.

Mt. Clare
Trustees – Roger Fritz, Jaime Ruckman and Zachary Johnston.
Trustee for unexpired term – Steve Fellin

Trustees – Judith Behme, Judith Bivin and John Gudgel II.

Trustees – Patty Burk, Rob Hohimer and Jakoda Zinkan.

Royal Lakes
Trustee for unexpired term – London Simmons

Trustees – Michelle Greenwalt, Robert Reiman and Shawn Pernicka

Trustee – Lisa DeFrates

Standard City
Trustee – Cary Kukowski.

White City
Village President – Karen Clarke
Trustees – Michael Scott Van Loo, Brenda Subick and James Cozart.

Trustee – Lisa Astemborski

North Mac School Board
District 1- Corey Watson
District 6 – Troy Pinkston
District 7 – Michael Andrew “Drew” Christopher
Jodi Alexander will fill the unexpired term in District 4.

Northwestern School Board
Linda Eades, Tasha Lancaster, Rebbecca (Becky) Camerer and John Murphy will sit on the Northwestern School Board.

Brighton Betsey Ann Fire Protection District
Trustees – William Huebener and Bradley Bott.

All election results are considered unofficial results until the Macoupin County Clerk’s Office has made a final count. Write-in votes have not yet been calculated, but will be added before official election results are declared.