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Haley honored, Graham sworn in as next Carlinville PD Chief

Chief Dave Haley was honored at the March 6 Carlinville Council meeting for 35 years on the Carlinville Police Department after serving for 19 years as Chief of Police. From left: Jimmy Garner, Jeremy Williams, Ronald Hannig, Ben Scheldt, Mayor Sarah Oswald, Chief Dave Haley, Hunter Sutton, Lieutenant Derek Graham, Tyson Probst, and Julie Griffith. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

There was only one topic on the agenda for Carlinville’s March 6 city council meeting–the Carlinville Police Department.

Police Chief

Chief Dave Haley is set to retire in just one week on March 17, after a 35 year career with the Carlinville Police Department. In recognition of his service and anticipation of his departure the Carlinville Council, family, friends and coworkers gathered at City Hall to honor Haley.

Mayor Sarah Oswald read a statement about Haley, saying, “Chief David Haley has faithfully and tirelessly executed his duties placed upon him as an officer and Chief of Police of the City of Carlinville. Chief Dave Haley has served residential Carlinville as a law enforcement officer since Aug. 1 of 1988 and as Chief of Police since March 15, 2004. With great honor and recognition of your loyal and dedicated service, on behalf of the mayor and city council and the residents of the City of Carlinville, it is an honor to express our appreciation to Chief David Haley for his service to the city of Carlinville and to wish him continued success in his future endeavors. We wish you all the best in your retirement.”

Haley was then presented with a commemorative plaque in honor of his service and retirement.

Lieutenant Derek Graham was sworn in to the position of Chief of Police for Carlinville by Mayor Sarah Oswald, effective once Chief Haley retires on March 17. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.

With Haley’s retirement eminent the council also needed to hire a new Chief of Police. A motion was made and approved unanimously for Lieutenant Derek Graham to be appointed as the new Chief of Police for the City of Carlinville. Graham was sworn in to his new position by Oswald.

Haley does not officially retire until March 17. At that point, Graham will become the Interim Chief of Police until May 1, when he will take the regular position of Chief.

The council also granted the Police Department’s request to hire a police officer to fill the upcoming vacancy in the department once Haley leaves and Graham becomes chief.

Body Camera Proposal

A request from the police department for a body camera purchase was also approved. Body cameras will be mandatory on all Illinois Police Officers beginning in 2025, in order to try to avoid any backlogs, Carlinville PD has placed their body camera order early. They requested the Council’s approval of the five year contract with Utility Associates for body cameras for 16 officers and trigger controllers for 10 police vehicles.

The contract stipulates every officer will be equipped with one BodyWorn Camera and Mount, one BodyWorn wrist/belt trigger, which automatically turns the camera on, retrofits to existing uniforms to be compatible with BodyWorn technology, the Polaris Video management Software and Mapping Interface License, unlimited BodyWorn Downloads and Storage, Smart redaction Software License, Installation and training, both on site and online, full warranty on the equipment, and 24/7 technical support for the duration of the contract. Each vehicle will be equipped with a vehicle trigger sensor, the equipment installed, validated and configured, full warranty on the equipment and the same 24/7 technical support.

The five year contract would come to a total of $75,000. There is a $30,000 payment due for this year. Each subsequent year, there will be an $11,250 charge due on the anniversary of the contract signing. Graham also told the council members that at the third year, new cameras will be provided to the Department as part of the contract.

The contract is in the budget for the next year. The council approved the request for purchase and to sign the five year contract.

IT Support Contract

The Carlinville council approved an IT support contract with Illini Tech Services which would include the Police Department and City Hall.

The IT Support contract would be a three year contract for professional management of the City’s servers, email, and website. Each City computer would run Microsoft 365 and software and programs could be updated all at once instead of one at a time.

The council approved the contract with a monthly cost of $2,330.