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Primary Election results for Macoupin County

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Illinois primary was held on Tuesday, June 28, for offices around the state and at the local level. Of the 31,893 registered voters in Macoupin County only 6,082 ballots were cast.

Democratic Nominations

Tammy Duckworth was nominated for U.S. Senator.

J.B. Pritzker and Juliana Stratton received the nomination for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Kwame Raoul was nominated as the State Attorney General.

Alexi Giannoulias received the majority of votes for Secretary of State, with 50.1 percent of the votes. Voting for the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State was spread between four candidates. Anna Valencia received the second most votes with 30.75 percent.

Susana Mendoza was nominated for State Comptroller and Michael Frerichs was nominated as the State Treasurer.

Nikki Budzinski received the nomination for the 13th Congressional District Representative.

Pam Monetti was nominated as the 13th Congressional District Committeewoman.

Locally, many of the races were uncontested on the Democratic ticket.

Pete Duncan was nominated for County Clerk and Recorder, roger Anderson received the nomination for County Treasurer and Shawn Kahl was nominated for Macoupin County Sheriff.

The 4th District race for County Board member had two candidates to be the Democratic nominee, Mark Dragovich and Kellie Vesper. Dragovich, who currently sits on the board, received the nomination with 56.64 percent of the vote.

The Dorchester Committeeperson seat had two individuals in the running. James Goltz won the nomination, receiving 54.05 percent of the vote.

Republican Nominations

Peggy Hubbard received the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator with 33.49 percent of the vote.

Darren Bailey and Stephanie Trussell received the nomination for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, with 68.58 percent of the vote.
Thomas DeVore was nominated to run for State Attorney General, receiving 53.08 percent of the vote.

Dan Brady won the race for Secretary of State.

Shannon Teresi and Tom Demmer won the nominations for State Comptroller and State treasurer, respectively.

Regan Deering was nominated as the 13th Congressional; District representative, getting 38.84 percent of the vote. The 13th district race was split between four candidates on the Republican ticket.

Jill Tracy was nominated as the State Senator for the 50th District and Steven McClure won the nomination for the 54th district.

Christopher Davidsmeyer and Wayne Rosenthal received the nominations for State Representatives in the 100th and 108th district respectively.

Lillian McGartland received the nomination of the Republican candidate for County Treasurer and Jared DePoppe was nominated as the candidate for the County Sheriff race.

Ross Adden was nominated to be the County Board member for the 4th district.

A proposition to close the Lincolnwood Junior High School and to send pupils in that school to Morrisonville CUSD #1 was included on the ballot as well. The majority of votes went to closing the school, 54.55 percent of voters voted to close the school, 45.45 percent voted against.