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Carlinville School Board discuss fees for 2022-23 school year

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The May 16 Carlinville School District meeting featured discussion of several topics including project updates, employment, and fees the district charges. Most heavily discussed was the technology fee that Carlinville typically charges for students’ computers.

Technology Fee

The technology fee for the 2021-22 school year was waived by the board the previous year. The board had to discuss whether the fee be waived again for the 22-23 school year or be reinstituted. The computers were paid for by Federal funds the school received, which Superintendent Dr. Becky Schuchman says the school will continue to do with funds from grants. The fee has historically been $65 or $50 for those who qualify for a price reduction. Board Member Dan Kallal felt that reinstituting the fee, even at a reduced rate, would be beneficial to the district.

Kallal commented that by having a fee, students would be taught responsibility, both financially and for their belongings, instead of items being “given to them.”

Board member Bobbi Bates suggested the fee be cut to half-price for the 22-23 school year.

Board member Molly Rosentreter mentioned that some high school parents already have to pay hundreds of dollars in fees for activities, with which board member Dale Reels agreed. Kallal said he was aware that some parents could not afford the full fee, but suggested even a smaller fee could be helpful to the district in the future.

Board President Sam Harding asked whether the devices were being broken at a higher rate than in previous years. Schuchman said that more devices had been broken over the year but students are responsible for paying for repairs.

Middle School Principal Kyle Smith and High School Principal Patrick Drew, joined the conversation to say that most of the repairs are needed as a result of accidents rather than intentional destruction.

Reels commented that the money the district would receive from the technology fees would be miniscule. Bates replied, “It is when you’ve got money, but not when you don’t.”

Reels and Rosentreter made and seconded the motion to waive technology fees for the 2022-23 school year. Kallal was the only board member to vote against the motion.

Demuzio Center Rental Agreement

The rental agreement between the district and the Carlinville Park District for the Demuzio Center was up for renewal. The park district paid a $15 hourly rate for use of the center, which the district rents to the park district. Discussion centered on raising the rental rate of the building for the 2022-2023 school year. The board unanimously decided to raise the rental agreement hourly rate from $15 to $20.

Building Project Updates

The board approved a bid from Stutz Excavating for the circle drive addition at the Intermediate School. The district is still working to get the easement contract created and agreed upon by the Macoupin County Historical Society. The bid totaled $368,710.00 for the concrete addition.

The tuck pointing project at the middle-high school complex is on schedule according to superintendent Dr. Becky Schuchman.

A bid from Illini Commercial roofing was discussed for a project that would sand, repaint, and re-roof both the vocational building at the High School and the District Bus Garage. The bid was approved at a cost of $63,125.00.


The Carlinville School Board voted to accept the resignations of Peggy Whitlock from the cafeteria, Rachel Bouillon as the school nurse, and Stacey Steiner from the yearbook staff.

They also approved the retirements of Jane Peitzmeier and Carolyn Carrillo at the end of the 2021-22 school year.

The board voted to employ Erin Emmons as an Elementary teacher, Ellen Etter as a Career and Technical education teacher, Heather Heater as the Middle School softball coach and Bernard Dzafic as the Middle School baseball coach.