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Former Carlinville Clinic demolished

The former Carlinville Clinic and Macoupin hospital located at 224 East Main St. was demolished last week. The area will be used for parking for the Macoupin County Courthouse. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Susie Gracey.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville Clinic building was torn down last week, following a lengthy history in this County.

The building, located at 224 East Main St., opened as the Macoupin Hospital in June 1927 by Dr. E.R. Chamness. It had been occupied as a Doctor’s Office as early as 1912. The Macoupin Hospital had 20 beds and wards and its operating room was “equipped with all modern appliances,” states the June 22, 1927 Macoupin County Enquirer. As the Hospital was the Macoupin Hospital it was the County hospital and any physician in the county was invited to bring their patient there fore treatment.

The Macoupin Hospital closed in August 1954 after the opening of the Carlinville Area Hospital, located on Morgan Street in 1952. The building reopened as Carlinville Clinic on Jan. 5, 1955. Dr. Chamness, Dr. W.W. Lusk, Dr. M.W. Buehrig and Dr. R. H. Rutherford joined together to open the clinic. The clinic previously held the offices of Drs. Chamness and Rutherford but were remodeled to accommodate the clinic setting. Dr. Chamness was said to limit his practice to surgery while at the Clinic.


A postcard shows the building as it looked when still in operation, date unknown. Photo courtesy of the Macoupin County Historical Society Facebook Page.


The building located at 224 East Main Street, in its various iterations saw many of the residents of Macoupin County throughout their lives. Many residents throughout the years were born in that building and others remember receiving physicals, check-ups and shots at the clinic during their school and later years.

The Carlinville Clinic closed in the late 1980s. The building continuted to be used, housing several businesses and spaces for rent. It was sold to the County in 2007. The building has been empty for many years and due to the presence of asbestos and saving the building was not possible. The lot will be developed as a parking lot for the Macoupin County Courthouse.