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New officer sworn in; project updates discussed at Carlinville Council

Cayd Smith was sworn in as the newest Carlinville Police Officer at the March 18 City Council meeting. His mother, Kristi, held the Bible as Smith took the oath. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville Council met on March 18 for its second monthly meeting. Several topics were discussed and a new officer was sworn in to the Carlinville Police Department.

Police Officer

Cayd Smith was sworn into the Carlinville Police Department as the new Police Officer at the meeting. Members of the Carlinville Police Department and Smith’s family members were at the meeting to watch the swearing-in.

Illinois Alluvial Water Update

Dan Held was at the meeting to provide an update on the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company.

The project is moving along according to Held. The engineering contracts are being finalized and the EPA accepted an elevated tower permit for the project. Held says there are 11 easement agreements still being negotiated for the entire project. He anticipated a time frame of under five years for the completion of the project and Carlinville’s switch to Alluvial water.

Lake Annexation

An update was given on the Lake Annexation as well. Zoning Administrator Bobbi Bates said the engineering reports are being compiled. The annexation is set to be a two phase process. First the unoccupied land that the City owns will be annexed in and then the properties owned by others will be annexed. Bates said she anticipated the properties being ready for annexation by summer.

Other Business

Police Chief Derek Graham gave a brief update on the 201 McCauseland Ave. property. The property was not zoned correctly, the owner of said property has recieved notice that the property is incorrectly zoned and notice of several violations from the Police and Fire Department.

The City Council agreed to a $100,000 contract with Woodard and Curran for the bidding and construction administration services to go along with the water main replacement project from Colt Road to McCauseland Ave.

The council accepted an offer on the Carlinville Lake side-by-side for $500. The council also discussed the purchase of a new side-by-side, but the issue was tabled until more detailed vehicle specifications could be found.

Following a citizen complaint about the trees in the library boulevard and potential safety hazards they pose, the council has decided to remove the trees.

John Eldred was appointed to the Zoning board.