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CHS students show off Big Bright Beautiful World in High School Production of Shrek The Musical

Young Fiona, Teen Fiona, and Fiona wait in her tower to be rescued by their Knight in Shining Armor, who doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

It was a Big Bright Beautiful World for everyone this past weekend during the Carlinville High School’s annual School Musical. This year the musical performed was Shrek The Musical.

Keeping the humor from the movie and adding some local references for laughs the Shrek cast put on a great performance both nights. The show was directed by Michael Morrison with Assistant Director Madi Whittington.

Seniors Patrick Dunn and Zander Poe played Shrek and Donkey respectively. Emily Barbre played Princess Fiona and Lord Farquad was played by Lucas Wieties. There was a large ensemble cast and many students played more than one part for the production and excelled in doing so. Some younger Carlinville students were invited to the production as well with John White playing the young Shrek, Madalyn Quarton playing the teen Fiona and Claire Vinyard playing young Fiona.

Patrick Dunn took on a directorial role as well for the Freak Flag scene performed in the second act by the Fairy Tale Creatures.


Carlinville High School held it’s annual school musical on Friday and Saturday March 15 and 16, performing Shrek The Musical. Here, the Fairytale Creatures are relocated to Shrek’s Swamp folowing an order by Lord Farquaad. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.


The cast included Patrick Dunn, Emily Barbre, Zander Poe, Lucas Wieties, Cade Vinyard, Adelle Hammann, Clara Gray, Amaya Emery, Raegan Carty, Shelbie Parnell, Grace Pigott, Lillian McCurley, Cash Enrietta, Michael Kaganich, Houston Turley, Catherine DeLong, Victorya Barber, Cole Sullivan, Avery Troutwine, Adelynn Hunt, Hannah Truax, Tler Summers, John White, Chris Lack, Juliann Amos, Madalyn Quarton, Claire Vinyard, Annalee Johns, Anna Petrovichm Adair Sullivan, Isabella Alepra, Charlee Dugger, Abbie Heusing, Allsion Heusing, Bailey Maberry, Alyna Madison, Lana Totsch and Kendal Elvidge.

The set was designed by Dawn Peterson and the CHS Art Students and constrcuted with the help of Caleb Brown, Paul Rosentreter, David Morrison, Kendal Elvidge and the CMS Vocational Classes. The stage crew was managed by Dayse Velasquez with assistance from Jen Enrietta. Stage crew included Rori Allen, Maddie Boente, Clara Boyett, Alyssa Carriker, Jillian Conway, Weston Cooper, Addison Eldred, Timothy Firster, Danielle Furness, Chloe Goodwin, Elliot Griffiths, Liz Hammann, Victorine Harrington, Emma Hubbard, Jillian Jackson, Hallee Kaburick, Jane Kalaher, Marleigh Konnerker, Emma Lauderdale Rush, Gabriella Lopez, Callie Powell, Samantha Scott and Jessica Strubbe.

The Pit Orchestra was directed by Lydia Armour, Dustin White was the Vocal Direcotr and accompanist with assistance from Katherine Starr. In the pit band was Sam Alender, Stepahnie Beatty, Leanna Conrad, Caiti Coorandini, Eric Cooper, Trace Cummings, Gary Gardner, Emily Gillen, Manny Guzman, Rob Hoffman, Alexsis Kalaher, John Lanzerotte, Brian Lotter, Gary Morris, Madeline Murphy, Sheri O’Farrell, Riley Owsley, Jason Peter, Bailey Rodgers, Savanna Siglock, Johnathon Stilwell and Angela Wilkerson.