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Outdoor store Wild Haven will open soon in Carlinville

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

A new business is coming to Carlinville soon. Wild Haven, a store for outdoor enthusiasts is currently under construction at 118 North West Street. After the birth of his sons, owner Jonathan Chowles was tired of being away from family and traveling for work. He says he is lucky enough to have been able to take some time away from work to decide what he really wanted to do with his life. He decided to open Wild Haven, owing to his love of the outdoors, the niche he saw in the community for an outdoor store, his desire to spend time with family and his desire to support the local community.

The store will be divided into different areas, one for lifestyle items, hunting camouflage, fishing shirts, and other apparel, changed out seasonally. There will be a section for guns and gun accessories, such as ammunition, scopes, etc. A section will be dedicated to fishing, offering poles, lines, lures and entry level fly fishing kits for those interested in learning the sport. Another section will be for archery, offering bows and a virtual archery range.

Chowles is partnered with an old friend of his to provide gunsmithing services, which may later be added in store and he hopes to add bow restringing and repair into the business at a later time.

Wild Haven won’t be the only business at that location though, as Chowles is also opening Wild Haven Land Management. The land management business will sell seeds and nutrients for people’s food plots. It will also offer land clearing and food plot preparation and maintenance services.

Chowles realized there was need in the community for both an outdoor store and land management service. After discussing the idea to open the businesses he said there was a lot of positive feedback about the idea. Chowles says he “wants to empower people” to learn outdoor skills for themselves and help them along the way. He has had help from friends, family and business contacts in deciding what the store should offer and looks forward to feedback from the community about what people need and want in the store.

Chowles says the store is not trying to compete with other local businesses but is trying to enhance the offerings of the town by stocking items the community needs. Wild Haven will be a family and community oriented business, looking forward to supporting local causes and giving back to the community.

The store has been under construction since September and several changes have been made to the layout and updates to the electrical, plumbing and interior walls and ceilings are taking place. Wild Haven has an anticipated soft opening date in mid-March of this year with a grand opening scheduled for later in the spring.

Wild Haven is a veteran-owned business.