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First snow of 2024 and upcoming winter weather

A Mt. Olive resident used the freshly fallen snow of Jan. 5 to build a snow cat and its food bowl in their yard. The cat was then colored using Tumeric powder. Photo by Jim Jurica.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

After an unseasonably warm Christmas, the temperature began cooling down towards the New Year. The first snow of 2024 occurred the evening of Jan. 5 and lasted until the early morning hours. The snow did not stay for much more than a day before most of it had melted. The snow lasted long enough for a late night snowball fight on the Carlinville Square and for one Mt. Olive resident to build a snow cat in their yard.

Friday, Jan. 12 is supposed to see a rain/snow mix, with snow accumulation anticipated to be between 1-3 inches. It is expected to be below freezing from Sat. Jan. 13 until Sun. Jan 21. The lowest temperature is expected to be negative 9 degrees on the evening of Mon. Jan. 15. People should be prepared for low temperatures and winds in the double digits. Snow is likely Fri., Jan. 12, and more snow may fall later. Keep an eye on local weather forecasts for the most up to date information and safety tips for winter weather.