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Carlinville Council discusses insurance renewal, employment

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville council met for the second time this month on Monday, Nov. 20. It discussed several items, such as bids for cleaning of municipal buildings and the insurance renewal.

Public Comment

Charlotte Rives came before the council to discuss the state of playground equipment at Tower Grove Park. The equipment at Tower Grove is made of metal, while other playgrounds like Tom Thumb and Denby Park have “nicer equipment,” according to Rives. The council said that the park equipment is an issue for the park board, not the city council. However, the two were still working on an intergovernmental agreement and the council could forward Rives’ concerns.

Rives also asked the council what the city of Carlinville does for the homeless population in town. Police Chief Derek Graham said that they offer resources at the police station but they are usually rejected when offering help. The city does not have a shelter but Graham said that anyone who comes to the station requesting help, they try to find a place for them to go and transport them to those shelters. Rives said she was working with a local woman delivering food and blankets as it gets colder and asked about a request to hold a coat drive. Mayor Sarah Oswald said that she had tried to make contact about the coat drive but had not heard back, but that she was fine with it.

Alderman Randy Ober also made a public comment, reminding everyone that burning was not permitted in December.

Cleaning Bids

The council received two bids for cleaning of municipal buildings. One bid did not specify insurance coverage, while the other did. There was also some issue with the amount of cleaning at each building. The council decided to table the matter as the bids were not an “apples-to-apples comparison.”

Insurance Renewal

The team from Dimond Bros. Insurance came before the council to discuss insurance renewal for the City. The council decided to accept the insurance plan with a $10,000 deductible.

Other Business

Graham spoke to the council about hiring a video clerk for the police station. Graham said the station was being flooded with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which they are filling but is taking a lot of time away from their other duties. The new clerk position would be in charge of filling the FOIA requests and redacting sensitive information and extra faces on any videos or photos that are requested. The council approved Graham’s request to move forward in the process of hiring a new clerk.

The city approved the purchase of a new lawn mower for the lake.

The tax levy ordinance for 2023-2024 was approved.

The schedule for the city council meetings for 2024 and the cookout date availability on the Square were approved.