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Staunton and Carlinville feature four All-SCC volleyball athletes apiece

Enquirer Democrat Reporter

In addition to leading the South Central Conference in total victories, the Staunton and Carlinville high school volleyball teams featured the most All-Conference members.

Both programs had four recipients apiece.

Staunton, which captured its fourth consecutive league title, sixth straight county crown and a third regional championship victory in four seasons to cap off a 27-win campaign, was represented by a pair of first team honorees in Kylie Lucykow and Taylor Nolan.

Second team members Grace Bekeske and Ele Feldmann provided extra depth up front for Jeanene Lucykow, who recently hit 200 career coaching victories at SHS.

Kaitie Hammann’s 26-win regional runner-up Carlinville Cavaliers featured Isabella Tiburzi (first team), Hannah Gibson (first team), Makenah Dugan (second team) and Jordyn Loveless (third team).

Other county honorees included Lauren Bertagnolli (Gillespie), Addison Clark (North Mac) and Vivian Zurheide (Southwestern).

First team
Kennady Clayton (Hillsboro)
Hannah Gibson (Carlinville)
Addison Lowe (Hillsboro)
Kylie Lucykow (Staunton)
Taylor Nolan (Staunton)
Izzy Reed (Pana)
Isabella Tiburzi (Carlinville)
Second team
Grace Bekeske (Staunton)
Lauren Bertagnolli (Gillespie)
Kennedy Bowker (Pana)
Makenah Dugan (Carlinville)
Ele Feldmann (Staunton)
Amy Frerichs (Litchfield)
Annika Rhodes (Litchfield)
Third team
Addison Clark (North Mac)
Amya Greenwood (Hillsboro)
Jordyn Loveless (Carlinville)
Gina Painter (Litchfield)
Jessica Vaughn (Pana)
Livi Wehrle (Vandalia)
Vivian Zurheide (Southwestern)