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Carlinville School District accepts donation, reviews school report cards

The Carlinville School Board gladly accepted the donation of the Aladdin Steel Inc. land and buildings from the Eschbacher Family on Nov. 13. From left: Anrew Eschbacher, Patricia Eschbacher Bush, Brandon Little, Maya Reid, Sam Harding, Kathy Norris, Craig Frankford, Bob Duckels. Seated is Board President Dan Kallal. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville School Board met for its regular session on Monday, Nov. 13. There were several topics of discussion, including property donation and the discussion over the school report cards released by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Donation of Property

The Eschbacher family is well known in Carlinville, to some for their annual Christmas lights display and to others as the owners of Aladdin Steel Inc. The family gave away their Christmas light display and has now given away their other claim to local fame, Aladdin Steel.

The School District approached the Eschbacher’s several months ago to inquire about the use of a small piece of their land to create a bigger parking lot and turn around spot behind the middle school. To their surprise, the Eschbacher’s came back with the offer for the entire property, including the five buildings currently standing on the property.

Besides the land, the family has also included a monetary donation held in escrow with First National Bank of Litchfield. The Eschbacher family received the many thanks from the board members as well as the students for their generous donation and left the meeting with arms piled high with gifts made by the CHS students, including Christmas ornaments, charcuterie boards and a clock to commemorate their donation.

The board heartily accepted the donation and approved First National Bank of Litchfield as an additional District Financial Depository as there are now funds being held there for the district.

School Report Cards

Carlinville High School, Intermediate School and Primary School were all given commendable ratings from the State Board of Education (ISBE).

The High School improved their ELA proficiency rates from the previous year, going from 32.4 percent to 33.3 percent. The school was higher than the State average last year, which was 29.9 percent, but lower this year as the State average increased almost 5 points (34.6 percent). CHS greatly improved their math proficiency scores, going up ten percent, from 22.5 to 32 percent in 2023, staying well above the State proficiency of 26.9 percent. Science proficiency went down slightly form 2022, from 63 percent to 62.2 percent, but CHS stayed ahead of the State proficiency level for 2023 of 51.8 percent.

Carlinville Intermediate School increased their ELA proficiency from 2022, going from 32 percent to 40.5 percent and stayed well above state proficiency level of 34.6 percent. Students increased slightly in math proficiency going from 37.2 to 37.5 percent. The State math proficiency level was 26.9 percent. Science proficiency went down slightly at the Intermediate school but stayed above the State level. Students were 59.3 percent proficient compared to 61 percent in 2022.

Students at Carlinville Primary School do not have standardized testing as it begins in third grade. Much of the schools score is determined by chronic absentee students, which are students missing more than 10 percent or 18 days during the school year, both excused and unexcused absences. CPS has 22 percent chronic absenteeism, which is below the state level of 28.3 percent. CPS also has 93 percent daily attendance, which is above the State level.

Carlinville Middle School achieved an exemplary designation, a big change over the previous year when they were designated as a targeted school. An exemplary school means that the school is in the top 10 percent of schools across the State and that no student groups are under performing. ELA proficiency scores blew the State and prior years scores out of the water. CMS had a 60.8 proficiency score in 2023 compared to 29.1 percent in 2022 and 34.6 percent state score. Math proficiency almost doubled from 21.7 to 41.2 percent, with a state score of 26.9 percent. The middle school also scored well in science with a 67.5 percent proficiency score compared to 51.8 percent at the State level. CMS also experienced significant growth in ELA and Math compared to state growth levels.


The Board approved the resignation of Scott Harris as the High School Assistant Baseball Coach. The approved the employment of Ashley Vinyard as the Middle School Cheer Coach. They also approved Dyaln Rosentreter and Gabe Henson as Volunteer Assistant Wrestling Coaches and Payton Krager as the Volunteer Assistant High School Boys’ Basketball coach.

Other Business

The Board approved a resolution accepting the preliminary tax levy to be placed on file for adoption in Dec. 2023 and set a truth in taxation hearing for 5:15 p.m. on Dec. 11 at the High School Media Center.

The motion to approve the proposed official’s pay was approved.

A bid from Marcus Davis Lawncare for snow removal was approved.

The board agreed to approve the new student and financial management software known as Qmlativ.

The Surplus item list was approved.

The first reading of Press 113 was approved by the board.