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SCC All-Conference boys’ soccer roster released

Staunton’s Bodner, Meyer and Dunn of Carlinville among first team honorees

Enquirer Democrat Reporter

Staunton sophomore Aaron Bodner left a golden footprint for his future and the Carlinville senior duo of Will Meyer and Matt Dunn solidified their legacies with all three Macoupin County soccer stars taking center stage as All-SCC first team members in 2023.

Jack Goby and Gavin Norwood represented Carlinville on the second squad, along with North Mac’s Morgan Snell and Staunton’s Cole Aberle.

The third team featured the Staunton tandem of Victor Buehler and Rhyse Rucker, as well as Kaleb Kolsto (Carlinville), Pierce Rovey (Carlinville) and Keagen Greff (North Mac).

Seven players from the conference champion Litchfield-Gillespie Purple Panthers also made the cut, including Anthony Bader (first team), Drake Gasperson (first team), Landon Wernsing (first team), Cooper Martin (second team), Kenden Longwell (second team), Brody Dykema (third team) and Brayden Ronco (third team).

First team
Mitchell Lowe (Hillsboro) (GK)
Anthony Bader (Litchfield-Gillespie)
Aaron Bodner (Staunton)
Matt Dunn (Carlinville)
Drake Gasperson (Litchfield-Gillespie)
Griffen Hughes (Hillsboro)
Mark Mattson (Hillsboro)
Will Meyer (Carlinville)
Canon Rainey (Greenville)
Nolan Tabor (Greenville)
Landon Wernsing (Litchfield-Gillespie)
Second team
Cooper Martin (Litchfield-Gillespie) (GK)
Cole Aberle (Staunton)
Aiden Andris (Greenville)
Nico Clark (Hillsboro)
Jack Goby (Carlinville)
Kyle Holcomb (Hillsboro)
Griffin Kimbrel (Pana)
Kenden Longwell (Litchfield-Gillespie)
Gavin Norwood (Carlinville)
Ivan Powell (Greenville)
Morgan Snell (North Mac)
Third team
Pierce Rovey (Carlinville) (GK)
Victor Buehler (Staunton)
Brody Dykema (Litchfield-Gillespie)
Keagen Greff (North Mac)
Gunner Heckman (Greenville)
Caleb Kolsto (Carlinville)
Trystan McClain (Greenville)
Logan Murray (Hillsboro)
Hunter Payne (Hillsboro)
Brayden Ronco (Litchfield-Gillespie)
Rhyse Rucker (Staunton)