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Carlinville Council meets, discusses water meter project, lake security

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville Council met on Monday, Nov. 6 for its first monthly meeting. There were several items discussed, including additional water meter costs and security at Carlinville Lake 2.


Marsha Crane Rhodes submitted correspondence asking the city for approval to use any equipment necessary to restore the building located at 258 South Side Square, the former Karla’s Jewelry building. The council said they had no problem with the work being done and were happy that the building was being restored. They have, however, had several complaints about the equipment used being left overnight as it tends to block sidewalks and has created traffic problems when semi-trucks were trying to navigate the Square. The council decided that Crane-Rhodes could use whatever equipment was necessary but would need to discuss further with her about keeping the equipment off the street and sidewalks when not in use.

Amee Lee submitted a letter of resignation from cleaning the municipal buildings due to health issues making her unable to complete the necessary tasks. The council accepted the letter of resignation.

Water Meter Costs

Employees from Woodard and Curran came to the Council meeting to inform the members about the additional water meter replacement costs. There are 83 meters still in need of replacement, 54 of those meters require the replacement, repair, or relocation of the meter pits. Woodard and Curran said that most of the additional funds needed are to relocate those 54 meter pits, which is estimated at around $100,000. There are 14 large meters still on order, two meters at Blackburn College that will not be replaced until Winter Break, 1 large meter at Prairie Farms and 12 locations that the customer has not responded to any attempts to contact them about water meter replacement. During the Oct. 16 meeting a motion was made to secure an additional loan of up to $200,000 for these repairs. City Treasurer Jody Reichmann said that she asked CNB about adding to the current loan. CNB said that they could not add the $200,000 to the current loan but could take out another loan for that amount. Reichmann also said that the City has several CDs which could be cashed in to pay for the project rather than seeking another loan. The additional funds were approved and the matter was referred to the Finance Committee to determine where the funds would come from.

Lake Two Security

Police Chief Derek Graham told the council about security issues that have been going on at Carlinville Lake 2. There is a gate and fencing blocking the road to the dam in order to protect the dam from erosion. There have been issues with people driving around the gate and onto the dam as well as walking out near the pumps. Graham suggested to the council “that the gate be moved slightly to an area with a better natural barrier so it is more difficult to drive around the barrier.” The council agreed to look into the issue but no action was taken at the time.

Other Business

Chris McCurley and Julie Boente came before the council to give a brief update on Our Market at the Carlinville Plaza. There will be an pre-construction open house on Nov. 12 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. The Our Market group hopes to see many people attend the event.

The council agreed to advertise for a new cleaner for the city municipal buildings.

Bobbi Bates, the Zoning Administrator/Economic Development Officer/Grant Writer presented to the council an opportunity to advertise in a Route 66 guide and business directory. Bates said that with the centennial celebration coming up it is a good opportunity for the City to advertise themselves to travelers. Bates also mentioned that Carlinville is the only city with Route 66 running through it in the area that does not advertise in the book. The council agreed it was a good idea to advertise but wished to see a list of all such opportunities so they could advertise in multiple places.