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Frankford received 2021 Officer of the Year

Sergeant Justin A. Frankford


Illinois State Police (ISP) Director Brendan F. Kelly gathered local law enforcement officers, and distinguished members of the public for the ISP Awards Ceremony. The ceremony was held to recognize individuals for their significant contributions and dedication to public safety.

“ISP’s greatest strength is our people – troopers, specials agents, telecommunicators, analysts – and I am proud and honored to work alongside them all,” said Director Kelly. “Integrity, Service, and Pride are ISP’s values and the people we are honoring today embody those values. Thank you to those who have answered the call to pursue justice and protect the public.”

In addition to the awards that were presented, eight ISP employees received special recognition for exemplary service during 2021 and 2022. Special recognition was given to the ISP Officer of the Year, Special Agent of the Year, Telecommunicator of the Year, and Forensic Scientist of the Year.

The 2021 Officer of the Year was Sergeant Justin A. Frankford of Carlinville. He is assigned to District 18 in 2021, Sergeant Justin Frankford’s work ethic, professionalism, courage, and overreaching desire to be of service to others is evident in his daily work performance. Sergeant Frankford’s unwavering dedication to serve the people of Illinois is reflected through the daily performance of his duties, his high criminal arrest and traffic enforcement record, and his investment in his community.

Sergeant Frankford is a self-motivated person who led the Division of Patrol in interdicting criminal activity for the last four years. In 2021, Sergeant Frankford’s relentless pursuit to prevent crimes from occurring led to him making 439 criminal arrests, which included numerous drug arrests. In 2021, Sergeant Frankford’s efforts to interdict crime led to the seizure of 53 illegal firearms- the most by anyone in the ISP. Sergeant Frankford’s efforts align and contribute to the ISP mission.

Frankford is actively involved in his community and has participated in several non-profit events in his community that involve children. One event is the Squirrel Bowl, which he co-founded, and is held to raise and donate money to Honor Flights and underprivileged children in need of food and clothing.