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Broom Orchard holds 33rd annual Pumpkin Festival

There were many activities and attractions available to kids and their families at the 33rd annual Pumpkin Festival. Photo courtesy of the Broom Orchard Facebook page.


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

A variety of goodness continued to flourish within the Broom’s Orchard during the 33rd annual Pumpkin Festival last weekend.

In addition to growing pumpkins and gourds in their patch, Jeff and Lisa Broom set a plan to start planting other varieties of apples at the orchard. At the time, the orchard had over 20 varieties of apples. So, those who either missed out on or couldn’t get enough of the 41st annual Apple Festival from two weeks prior had another golden opportunity to replenish their fruity supply.

“We saw that times were changing and people wanted different varieties ripening at different times to extend their season of having a firm, crisp apple to take in their lunch,” said L. Broom. “The Pumpkin Festival gave us an opportunity to do that.”

The Brooms sold six different kinds of apples along with asian pears to go with the pumpkins during the festival.

In addition to pumpkin harvesting and apple picking, families could enjoy other attractions that ranged from a petting zoo to face painting and the Orchard’s large corn maze.

Of course, a day at the orchard wasn’t complete without a treat of some sort. The soccer club was serving sandwiches hot off the grill. Other popular items on sale included hot n’ fresh kettle korn, home-made caramel apples, cookies, slush and hot-mulled cider.

“The weather was perfect and it was one of our best turn-outs,” L. Broom said. “The pumpkin festival really is the best of both worlds if you think about it.”

Jeff (pictured) and Lisa Broom have a variety of apples and other varieties of homegrown goodies available at their orchard, located on the outside of Carlinville. Examples include pumpkins, gourds and Asian pears, which were all on sale during the 33rd annual Broom Pumpkin Festival last weekend. Photo courtesy of the Broom Orchard Facebook page.

This week, the Brooms are busy picking and introducing Braeburn, Winesap, Granny Smith, Evercrisp, Pink Lady to conclude the harvest season.

“We are looking forward to finishing strong with several kinds of apples and some great 100 percent sweet cider,” said J. Broom. “And, remember, it freezes great as well.”

The Orchard is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.