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Acord resigns; Budget appropriations approved

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter
The County Board met on Tuesday, Aug. 8 for its regularly scheduled meeting. There were only 17 board members in attendance as board member Matt Acord resigned from his position on Aug. 1 citing a change in work schedule which conflicted with his board duties as the reason. There is not yet a replacement but Board Chair Larry Schmidt felt that there would be one by the September board meeting. Bernie Kiel, during the matters of recognition segment at the end of the meeting, recognized Acord for his work on the board calling him a “good board member.”
Several resolutions amending fund appropriations were passed. The Health Insurance Special Fund was increased from $100,000 to $115,000. The Tort Liability Special Fund was increased by $20,000 from $800,000. The Court Security Special Fund and COPS Grant Special Fund both went from $0 to $65,000.
The Township Motor Fuel Fund was increased from $3.6 million to $4.35 million.
A resolution appropriating additional funds to cover the purchase of a new property tax software and its first year costs was approved. The Income Tax appropriation was increased from $2,064,192 to $2,135,401 and the Tax Assessment and Collections was amended from $85,815 to $148,278.
The board accepted the resolution establishing the fiscal year 2023-24 General Fund and Special Fund appropriations. The fiscal year 2024 adopted budget general fund has $9,404,929 and the special funds have a total of $19,537,286. At this point there is an expected $36,000 surplus in the general fund.
The board approved the resolution authorizing the Macoupin County Public Health Department to sign the agreement for the Downstate Operating Assistance grant.
A resolution regarding Grain Belt Energy and the placement of power lines underground was approved. The board passed this resolution as a first step to get Grain Belt Energy to place any power lines that run through Macoupin County underground. At this point State’s Attorney Jordan Garrison has not found evidence that the County can mandate the lines be placed underground. The resolution is used to establish the County Board’s wish that the lines be underground. Wiggins voted present on the matter and Dunnagan voted against the measure.
Public Transportation Update
The Health Department was back again this month in regards to the Public Transportation program. Derek Tiburzi, the program coordinator sought the board’s approval to start running the loop routes he had discussed at a previous meeting on Sept. 5. He also sought approval to advertise the new loop routes, both items were approved by the board. Tiburzi gave an update on the student routes for Staunton and Gillespie school districts. He estimated that last year there were 74 students using public transit, this year the total is currently at 29 students.

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