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Carlinville School Board holds budget hearing, honors Straight A students

Some of the 40 students that were honored for Straight A’s were present at the Monday board meeting to receive a letter and pin for first time Straight A students or additional bars to add to their pins for students who had already received a Straight A letter and pin. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville School Board held its monthly meeting on Monday, June 19. Before the regular board meeting began, a public hearing of the amended Fiscal Year 2023 budget was held.

Budget Hearing

The amended budget addresses changes in both revenue and expenditures. There is a change in revenue between the original budget and amended budget of $62,501 less in the amended budget. There is also $1,349,742 less in the amended expenditure budget than in the original budget. The district was awarded some new grants but they also are receiving less in ESSER funding and are seeing increases in expenditure areas such as supplies and materials.

The amended budget was approved by the board.

During the regularly scheduled meeting items such as school fees, student handbook changes and matters of employment were discussed.

District Spotlight

The district spotlight for this month was on the Straight A students of Carlinville High School. Out of the four classes, 40 students were honored for their grades.

The 9th grade students were: Rori Allen, Brandon Atterberry, Taylor Brandenburg, Elyse Eldred, Emma Hubard, Annalee Johns, Allie Killam, Marleigh Konneker, Isabella McCarthy, Zosia Nejmanowski, Riley Owsley, Anna Petrovich, Bailey Rodgers, Sawyer Smith, Triston Thompson and Hannah Truax;

10th Grade: Emily Barbre, Alyssa Beck, Hannah Gibson, Mason Gilpin, Henry Kalaher, Weston Kuykendall, Lillian McCurley, Sayuri Owada, Colin Pope, Joanna Roemer, Gurveer Singh, Jessica Strubbe, Samuel Wilson and Braley Wiser;

11th Grade: Hannah Lyons and Brooke Stewart;

12th Grade: Jena Beck, Madalynn Bloome, Amelia Cosenza, Margaret DeLong, Kayla Quarton, Hayden Truax, Lanna Vanderpoel and Charles Wilson.

School Fees

On the subject of school fees it was recommended that the school breakfast and lunch cost be raised by 10 cents. Each year the district calculates the cost they should be charging for meals. They were 17 cents short this year, but they can only increase the fee by 10 cents per year. There was also discussion over waiving the device fee for the 2023-24 school year. The board approved both the motion to increase breakfast fee and lunch fee by $.10 and the motion to waive the device fee for the upcoming school year.

Handbook Changes

A Parent-Teacher Advisory board reviewed the handbooks, including the activities handbook and the district plans, for the grades K-12. Minor changes were made to all of the handbooks, mostly updates to comply with State statute. High School Principal Patrick Drew and Intermediate Principal Roy Kulenkamp were at the meeting to discuss the updates. They also mentioned that meetings had been held between the parent-teacher advisory board to discuss bullying prevention plans. The changes made to the handbooks were approved by the board.


In matters of employment, several changes were made. The board accepted the resignation of Hillary and Shay Kellerman from Track, effective immediately. They also accepted the resignation of Julie Hammann as High School Registrar effective July 11. Patrick Drew’s retirement, set for the end of the 2026-27 school year was approved as was the final four-year contract for Drew.

Brandie Mullink was employed as the Middle School Physical Education teacher and Elizabeth Sievers was employed as a High School Paraprofessional for the 2023-24 school year.

The board approved the initial list of substitute and volunteer staff for the 23-24 school year.

Other business

The motion to approve the P.E. replacement equipment fort $76,623 was approved.

The first reading of Press Policy 112 changes was read and acknowledged.