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Carlinville Council approves change to liquor code, discusses renting old police station

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville city council meeting held April 17 was short two aldermen. Both Bill Link and Dick McClain were absent from the meeting.


The zoning code ordinance changes first discussed at the April 3 council meeting were tabled again. There were still questions in regards to the height of solar panels on a flat roof. The motion to table the discussion was approved.

An ordinance change to the Carlinville Liquor Code was discussed as well. The ordinance previously allowed for only 90 days for a business to obtain their liquor license and open. The city has found that it takes businesses longer than the 90 day limit to get approval from the State for gambling machines. The ordinance was amended to allow for 120 days between a business receiving a liquor license and opening. The ordinance change was approved.

Property Updates

A bid for property demolition and cleanup of 614 East Elm Street was approved for $7,500 by Cole Excavating Service.

The City is in the process of obtaining the property next to the Dugger Body Shop location. It will pay the back taxes, an amount under $4,000 and pay the owner $100 for the property.

The Veterans Assistance came to the city about renting out the now vacant Police space in City Hall. According to Mayor Sarah Oswald, City Attorney Don Craven sees no problem in the City doing so.

Alderman Doug Downey expressed that he would rather keep the space for City use, specifically to move Public Works into the space and place city employee Karen Etter from the Water Department in a secure area. Downey also mentioned cleaning out rooms in City Hall and using the police space for file storage.

Oswald says the VA would only being using three of the seven rooms in that part of the building so file storage would not be a problem.

Alderman Kim Harber proposed, that since there were questions that the council did not know the answer to, the Mayor and one or two members of the Council should meet with the VA to discuss a potential lease and to find answers to some of the council members questions.


Brad Graham was appointed to the Zoning Board.


The council received and placed on file correspondence from Joe Direso. Direso pointed out some projects that had been done throughout Standard edition in past years and hoped for them to continue and for the City’s support in the initiatives.

Direso’s letter also addressed several issues he had in regards to the sidewalks in the area. He attached several pictures of broken, overgrown or missing sidewalk. He asked the city to consider, as a short term solution, removing the overgrown brush, trees, trash and any trip hazards such as “chunks of concrete.”

Carlinville Area Hospital asked the council for the use of the gazebo area on the Square to host a Nurses Appreciation event on May 11. The Square had not been reserved for another event, so the letter was placed on file and the event approved.

Public Comment

During public comment, Alderman Randy Ober reminded residents that spring was upon the City of Carlinville and it was time to begin mowing their yards again.

Harber reminded the council to review the budget for the next fiscal year.

Dan Held, on behalf of the Public Works Department, informed the council that Carlinville Lake Road would be closed on Wednesday to remove a tree from the area.

City Clerk Carla Brockmeier reminded the council members that a public hearing would be held before the next City Council meeting on May 1. The hearing will begin at 5:45 p.m. at City Hall and will cover City Budget matters.