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Carlinville wrestling holds ‘end of season’ banquet, presents awards

Jake Schwartz and Ronald LaPlante received high school wrestling plaques at the Carlinville ‘end of season’ banquet Mar. 26. Schwartz was named the Most Valuable Player and LaPlante the Most Improved Player. Schwartz is additionally pictured with a second plaque he earned by becoming Carlinville High School’s newest ‘100 career win’ club member. Photo contributed.


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

Another successful season for Carlinville wrestling has come and gone.

The book was closed at the team banquet Mar. 26.

All wrestlers, from both the high school and elementary levels, were recognized for their efforts. A few additionally received awards.
CHS wrestling captain and graduating senior Jake Schwartz was presented with the Most Valuable Player award, as well as a plaque commemorating him on becoming the newest member of the high school’s ‘100 career win’ club. Schwartz finished with 127 victories.
Ronald LaPlante, a returning athlete for next year, was honored as The Most Improved CHS Wrestler.

The Carlinville Wrestling Club was also celebrated. Certain members received awards for leading their respective divisions in wins and pins.

Doniven Turner was the senior division honoree in both catagories.

During the Carlinville ‘end of season’ wrestling banquet Mar. 26, Carlinville Wrestling Club members Colt Rosentreter, Wesley Smith and Riley Smith were recognized for their recent state qualifications, ‘100+ career win’ honors and single season triumphs. Each received a plaque for leading their respective divisions in pins/wins. Photo contributed.

Riley Smith had the most wins out of any CWC novice wrestler.

Also a novice member, Wesley Smith chalked the most pins.

The intermediate division was led by Colt Rosentreter, both in wins and pins.

During the Carlinville ‘end of season’ wrestling banquet Mar. 26, Carlinville Wrestling Club member Crosby Michaelis received a plaque for leading his batnam division in both wins and pins this season. Photo contributed.

Crosby Michaelis achieved similar double honors in the bantam division.

Jaxson Rabida and Noa Manning led all CWC tots in total victories. Manning additionally ended the year with the most pins.

The three CWC state qualifiers – W. Smith, R. Smith and Rosentreter, were recognized as well. Fittingly, those same young men had reached triple digit territory in terms of career triumphs. R. Smith leads all CWC competitors with 188. W. Smith currently rests at 135. Rosentreter, who recently acheived the feat a couple of weeks ago, is now at 109.