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CHS performs ‘The Little Mermaid’ as all-school musical

Everything ended Happily Ever After for Ariel (Cosenza) and Prince Eric (Henson), as they celebrated their wedding alongside their friends in the final scene of Carlinville High School’s production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

Those poor, unfortunate souls who did not see the Carlinville High School musical this year surely missed out. There were two opportunities to see The Little Mermaid, one on March 17 and the other on March 18. Characters and songs made famous from the movie, as well as those from Broadway, made their way to the Carlinville High School stage to put on a show loved by millions.

The Little Mermaid was the 43rd all-school musical for Carlinville. Michael Morrison helmed the musical yet again as the Director. Katherine Starr and Madi Whittington served as “first mates” as the Co-Assistant Directors and Jessica Ryan put on her dancing shoes as the choreographer.


Lillian McCurley, as Scuttle the Seagull, listens for Prince Eric’s, played by Gabriel Henson, heartbeat in his foot as Emily Barbe as Flounder and Amelia Cosenza as Ariel wait to hear if he is still alive. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.

Seniors were the stars of the show filling many of the main roles, including the titular character and her prince. Ridge Funkhouser and Chloe Velasquez played warring siblings King Triton and Ursula. Amelia Cosenza and Gabriel Henson played Ariel and Prince Eric. Charlie Wilson was Prince Eric’s long-suffering guardian Grimsby and Dakota Hearn and Lanna Vanderpoel played Ursula’s evil sea snake minions Flotsam and Jetsam, respectively.

The performances of juniors Patrick Dunn and Zander Poe as equally long-suffering royal guardian Sebastian and seafood-loving Chef Louis, respectively, caused several bursts of laughter from amused audience members.

Ursula the Sea Witch, played by Chloe Velasquez, plots her evil scheme alongside her minions Flotsam and Jetsam, Dakota Hearn (left) and Lanna Vanderpoel (right). Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.

Emily Barbre was cast as crushing guppy Flounder and Lillian McCurley was human-expert Scuttle. Ariel’s six mer-sisters, doubled as human princesses fighting over Prince Eric in one scene. Those roles were played by Juliann Amos, Hannah Truax, Gemini Long, Clara Gray, Adelle Hamman and Madalyn Quarton.

The stage would have felt empty if not for the ensemble filling a variety of roles in the production. From sea creatures to maids and sous-chefs to sailors, the ensemble did it all, singing, dancing and helping to set a scene.

There may have been fewer set pieces this year due to the use of a projector to change the background scenes but the Stage Crew, CHS Art students and volunteers excelled in designing, making, painting and handling the set.

Lydia Armour led the Pit Band for the first time as Band Director for CHS and Dustin White once again lent his talent to the musical serving as the vocal director and accompanist.

The cast featured Amelia Cosenza, Gabriel Henson, Patrick Dunn, Emily Barbre, Ridge Funkhouser, Lillian McCurley, Chloe Velasquez, Dakota Hearn, Lanna Vanderpoel, Charlie Wilson, Alexander Poe, Alyssa Carriker, Cali Powell, Juliann Amos, Hannah Truax, Gemini Long, Clara Gray, Adelle Hammann, Madalynn Quarton, Victoria Barber, Reagan Carty, Amaya Emery, Charlie Harding, Allie Heusing, Abbie Heusing, Adelynn Hunt, Annalee Johns, Isabella McCarthy, Shelbie Parnell, Anna Petrovich, Grace Pigott, Kendall Rice, Bailey Rodgers, Adair Sullivan, Lana Tosch, and Lucas Wieties.
Performing in the band was, Zach Ashby, Alexander Behme, Jaymes Drury, Elyse Eldred, Isabella Hanner, Madeline Murphy, Melanie Murphy, Riley Owsley, Jonathan Stilwell, Hayden Truax, Mark Utry, Samuel Wilson, Jackson Yeager, Katherine Starr, and Gary Gardner.

Members of stage crew included Rori Allen, Madalynn Bloome, Clara Boyett, Tomas Cottingham, Cooper Fullington, Sydney Giller, Liz Hammann, Victorine Harrington, Emma Hubbard, Jillian Jackson, Saralynn Joiner, Marleigh Konneker, Monie Lowe, Maddie Lowrance, Jessi Michael, Trinity Myers, Giampaolo Pascarella, Alex Scott, Samantha Scott, Jessica Strubbe, Haley Summers, Brayden Walter, and Trinity Wilson.