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Carlinville Chamber hosts “Meet and Greet,” discuss plans for change

Community members, business representatives, and members of the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce met for coffee on Friday morning at The Well on Main to chat and get to know each other and the Chamber’s plans for the future. Photos by Erin Sanson.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

Community members, business leaders and the newest board members of the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce met the morning of Feb. 24 to chat and have a cup of coffee. The Chamber hosted its second “Meet and Greet” event, this time a morning session held at The Well on Main in Carlinville.

Chamber President Jon Griffel was elected in October to lead the re-branded Carlinville Chamber of Commerce. Griffel spoke briefly about what the new Chamber would be looking to change, including becoming more active, building a stronger chamber, rectifying the financials and becoming more feedback driven.

The Chamber had around 80 members prior to COVID-19 and membership now hovers around 45 while members are being renewed. Griffel hopes to build a better and stronger Chamber this time around and to rely on feedback from members and the community to inform the Chamber’s agenda.

The Chamber is not focusing on hosting any new events right away but would rather create partnerships to help others best run their events. Griffel does say that the Chamber hopes to be able to bring back the annual banquet soon.