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Threats made against Bunker Hill High School

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

Bunker Hill parents and students were alerted Jan. 12 of a possible threat to the Bunker Hill High School and students after posts on social media, made by another student, were found.

The District assembled its Threat Assessment Team at 4 p.m. to review the threat and determine which actions needed to be taken at that point.

After review, the Threat Assessment Team felt the threat was credible enough to warrant further involvement from local law enforcement agencies.

The District was informed by the Bunker Hill Police Department, around 7:35 p.m. that evening, that the threat had been investigated and the district was not in danger from a credible threat the following day. Though law enforcement said the district would not be in danger, there was an increase in police presence on Friday and Superintendent Todd Dugan told parents in a letter from the district, “parents should expect to see the increased police presence to remain for the foreseeable future.”

The district will also be reviewing their safety protocols at each building and conduct an internal investigation to determine the appropriate school disciple in accordance with Board Policy and Student Handbooks.

In an update from Jan. 13, Dugan announced, “as the situation deals with a minor and involves student privacy, few further details could be released.” He explicitly stated that, due to the circumstances, the district would not make any comments on specific discipline for the student.

However, Dugan later stated that any threat toward a school, school personnel, and/or students would be handled by either school disciplinary measures, which could include suspension or expulsion, or charges filed by law enforcement.