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Carlinville Intermediate gets artful facade upgrade, new landscaping

A colorful mural depicting the four seasons and made entirely of collected bottlecaps was installed on the north side of the Carlinville Intermediate School in early October. Photo provided.


Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

Several improvements have been installed at the Carlinville Intermediate School this month. Marcus Davis Lawn Care, the Make Carlinville Beautiful committee, the Carlinville High School Horticulture class and several fourth grade students came together to improve the landscaping in the back of the Intermediate School, where a circle drive was recently installed for pick up and drop-off.

“Make Carlinville Beautiful” received 14 native trees from the Heartland Conservancy to plant and earn Carlinville a “carbon credit.” The trees were planted as part of the ongoing Outdoor Classroom project.

Marcus Davis Lawn Care donated its time and equipment to design and install four landscape beds and six trees around the new circle drive. The students learned several lessons from the Marcus Davis team such as how to design a functional and appealing landscape and how to properly plant trees and plants.

The plants, installed by Marcus Davis Lawn Care, included caliper autumn blaze maple trees, karl forester ornamental grass, green velvet boxwoods, lythrum and tulip and daffodil bulbs.

A colorful mural made of bottlecaps was also installed at the school. The mural design depicts two trees through the four seasons.