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Budget hearing, audit report presented at School Board

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville School Board met Monday, Sept. 26, the second meeting for the month, to discuss the 2023 Budget and to receive the audit report from Loy, Miller and Talley, PC.

Budget Hearing

Business Manager Heather DeNeve presented the proposed 2023 budget to the board in a public hearing beginning at 6:45 p.m.

The beginning budget balance, including all of the funds, totals $17,498,005. The district is projected to make $20,853,046 in revenue. They have budgeted to spend $22,833,687. The projected remaining balance at the end of the year is $15,522,364.

There are multiple changes at the local, state and federal level that will lead to changes in revenue and expenditures.

Significant revenue changes at the local level include a $112,000 increase in Food Service revenue. Over the previous two years no students were required to pay for their meals. The meal program will, in Fiscal Year 23, revert back to only students eligible for the free and reduced program will be able to participate. In addition it is expecting to see $162,000 in tax revenue and interest earnings, but it will also see a $137,000 decrease on Corporate Personal Property Replacement Tax.

At the State level, Carlinville will see a $150,000 increase in Evidence Based Funding, a $67,000 increase in transportation reimbursement and a $43,000 increase in vocational grants. However it will also see a $72,000 decrease after not receiving the grant that funds the ACES Program. The STEAM Grant application has not yet been released. The district erred on the side of caution and did not include the $50,000 grant in the budget. They will also see a $6,000 decrease in the State Free Lunch reimbursement.

Carlinville will see a $2,864,000 increase from the Federal government, mostly through an increase in ESSER III funds. $80,000 more is budgeted in the IDEA Special Ed. funding and an additional $26,000 will come through Title I, II and IV funding. There will be a decrease of $323,000 from National School Lunch Proceeds.

The majority of expenditures of the district come from paying out the salaries and benefits of employees. The district will spend $12,768,000 in salaries and benefits, an 11 percent increase over the FY22 actual expenditures.

The district plans to see an increase of $1.5 million spent in ESSER II and III grants. It is budgeted to spend an additional $92,000 in food service supplies, a $22,000 increase in bus fuel, bringing the fuel budget up to $100,000. It will also spend $2,451,000 on a “10-Year Health, Life, Safety Survey, which includes roof replacements, asbestos removal, and tuckpointing, among other improvements.

The FY23 budget was approved during the regular board meeting.

Regular Meeting

The regular meeting began at approximately 7:15. The audit report was presented and discussion was had over upcoming building projects.

Audit Report

In the audit report by Ken Loy the district scored a perfect 4.0. There were no problems that the auditors saw. Carlinville School district collected 99.75 percent of the levied taxes, a slight increase from the year prior. In earning a 4.0 score the district was placed in recognition status by the Illinois State Board of Education. Loy told the board the district was “rock solid financially.”

The board approved the FY22 audit report.

Commencement Date

The board approved the commencement date for 2023. Commencement will be held Sunday, May 28, 2023.

Other Business

A motion to approve the bid from Bormida of $36,444 for a new freezer at Carlinville Intermediate School was passed. The board also accepted a bid from Griffith Plumbing of $45,746 for water line replacement in the vocational building.

The board approved the memorandum of understanding (MOUs) between the district and it’s Community Partnership Organizations, in this case, Chestnut Health Systems and Carlinville Area Hospital. The MOUs allow for a partnership between the district and the health care entities to serve students. Chestnut and Carlinville Area help the district provide services to students, such as therapy.

Next Meeting

The next school board meeting will be held Mon., Oct. 17 at the Carlinville High School Media Center.