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Voters to receive election information by mail or email

As required by state law, registered voters in Macoupin County will be receiving either a postcard or email in the next few weeks with some important election information. There are four things for a voter to consider.
• An application to join the permanent vote by mail list, which a ballot will automatically be mailed to them 40 days before future elections
• An application to receive a vote by mail ballot for just the Nov. 8 General Election
• A reminder of in-person early voting opportunities
• The voter’s polling place for those wishing to vote on Election Day
Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan and his staff will be mailing out more than 24,500 postcards to registered voters beginning Aug. 10. An additional 6,158 registered voters will receive their information by email. The 692 voters who have already applied to be on the permanent vote by mail list as of Aug. 1 will not receive a reminder.
Voters who select the permanent vote by mail option will remain on the list and have a ballot mailed to them each election going forward. If the voter requests to be removed off the list, there is a change to their registration, or they move out of county, they will be removed from the list and no longer receive a ballot in future elections.
Those wanting to apply can choose to just apply to receive a ballot at general elections and consolidated elections or they can choose to also receive a primary ballot for the party they put on their application each primary, as well as general elections and consolidated elections.
Duncan also reminded voters that since 2020, all vote by mail ballots have the US Post Office Intelligent Barcode tracking on them, so voters can receive texts or emails of their ballots being sent to them and mailed back to the office. This also sends a notification once the ballot is counted or rejected.
Official ballots will be sent out to those applying for vote-by-mail between Sept. 29 and Nov. 3. Ballots must be postmarked not later than the day of the election to be valid. Duncan also reminded voters that in-person early voting will begin Sept. 29.
Those wishing to apply who do not receive a postcard after Aug. 20 can call the election office at (217) 854-3214 ext 918 or apply online at and click ‘Permanent Vote By Mail Application’ under ‘What’s New.”