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Mt. Olive city council discusses town maintenance, recognizes police chief

Enquirer Democrat Reporter

At a July 18 meeting, the Mt. Olive city council went over a couple of town maintenance matters and recognized its Chief of Police for performing a life-saving act.

Water towers

City Clerk Melinda Zippay told the council that the north water tower was to be dismantled, effective July 20. Work began early that morning and was expected to be completed in a day’s time.

Alderman Goldacker said that he had been notified about the possibility of the south tower getting a fresh interior coat of paint, pending drainage and the announcement of an official set date.

In terms of funding, the general finance had an ending balance of $78,271. The water and sewer fund is currently $57,883.

Concrete pads at JC Niemann Park

Turner Hall was requesting permission to pour some concrete pads at JC Niemann Park, while paying the project out of Queen of Hearts money.

The workers in charge wanted to get the concrete finished by Homecoming while looking into making some other improvements.

The council granted permission.

Lift station pumps

As he reviewed the city’s biyearly inspection report on lift station pumps, Jeff Bone recommended that the council approved work on the storm water lift station No. 2.

Bone also claimed that he was awaiting prices needing to be paid for the replacement of knife valves at lift station No. 5. The council said it would discuss the matter further once the price comes about.

Pickleball courts grant denied

The OSLAD grant which the city wanted to use for work on the local pickleball courts was denied. It will be sent back to the engineers for re-application as soon as it becomes available again.

Police chief Molly Maragaritis honored

Mt. Olive mayor John Skertich presented Chief of Police Molly Margaritis with a Lifesaving Commendation Bar for performing a life-saving CPR prodecure on an infant.

Maragaritis, who was given a round of applause from the council, will be adding the bar to her uniform.

Non-sufficient funds fee

Since the city now gets charged for non-sufficient funding fees, it has raised the amount from $25 to $35.