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Carlinville council continues water discussions, approves police agreement

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The first of two July Carlinville City Council meetings was held a day late, on Tuesday July 5, due to the holiday celebrated on Monday. The agenda for the meeting was light and included items such as an Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company update, a resolution for an agreement between the City of Carlinville and the Police Benevolent and Protective Association Police Unit and zoning modifications.

Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company Update

An Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company (IAWRC) update provided by Joe Direso was in the agenda packet for the Tuesday meeting. The minutes to the May IAWRC meeting were also provided in the packet. According to Direso’s update both he and Carlinville Mayor Sarah Oswald were virtually in attendance of the meeting. Direso states that Oswald had an “in-depth conversation” with the rest of the Alluvial board regarding new contract language.

Water Line Study

In a related agenda item, Carlinville City Attorney Don Craven asked for an ordinance approving a water line study for the City be placed on the agenda. When discussion came to that item Craven spoke about some issues Carlinville and IAWRC are facing. Craven says that a letter was sent to the IAWRC board requesting a technical manager be brought on board as well as a few other objectives or standards Carlinville wished to put in place. According to both Craven and the update from Direso none of the objectives suggested by Carlinville were put in place.

In regards to the water line item, Craven felt that the City might want to begin looking at alternative water supply due to the issues with Alluvial and some “not very friendly stuff” that Alluvial had said to Carlinville, such as threatening to kick them off the board and to make them a water customer rather than a board member. The ordinance would approve a study exploring a connection between Carlinville and the Otter Lake Water Commission in Virden.

Craven prefaced the entire discussion by admitting he may have been to eager to have the ordinance placed on the agenda, saying that it should have gone to the Public Works Committee before it came to council. As such, it was decided to send the ordinance to the Public Works committee for their opinion and then have it brought back to the council.

Lateral Entry Agreement

The Carlinville Police Department entered into an agreement with the Police Benevolent and Protective Association Police Unit (PBPA) to establish a lateral entry program for certified police officers. Officers will now be able to transfer up to ten years of service as a certified police officer should the officer transfer departments. The transfer will apply to wages, longevity and vacation earning but will not have an effect on seniority, shift bidding or time necessary to qualify for promotional consideration. The agreement was accepted unanimously by the board.

Gaede Minor Subdivision

City Administrator Brian Zilm brought to the council a subdivision issue. A plot of land on Breckenridge street was purchased so a duplex could be built on the property. The property was to be subdivided as a minor subdivision, one parcel may be divided into two but not more than four lots, in compliance with the Carlinville municipal code. A survey of the parcel was conducted by Carl Nail of Nail Land Surveying. The City then approved the final plat with the two lots.

Historical District Overlays

Zilm also mentioned to the council zoning historical overlay districts in the area of the Carlinville Square and Standard Edition. The Square district would extend from the Square to one block away on the east, north and south sides. On the west side of the Square the historic district would stop at the Marvel Theater.

Alderman John Levora asked Zilm where specifically he meant when he spoke of Standard Edition. Zilm said the area would begin two blocks north of Nicholas Street on Washington Street and go north until it hit Whitley Street and it would span University Street to North Charles Street east to west.

Alderman Todd Koller asked whether the area was not already in a historical district. Zilm said the Standard Edition area is recognized by the State of Illinois as a historical district but with the new district overlays it would be subject to the Carlinville historical building codes. The council approved the motion to begin the process of establishing the historical districts.

Summer Repertory Theater

Diane Hardy, as the President of the Summer Repertory Theater submitted correspondence asking for the council’s permission to place a sign on the Carlinville Train Station advertising the theaters upcoming production of Peter Pan. The council approved the request.