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Woodard & Curran contract extended; Bids for Carlinville Lake approved at Carlinville council

Enquirer~Democrat Reporter

The Carlinville City Council meeting was held Monday, Feb. 21, besides the fact that Monday was a holiday and most Government offices were closed. Issues discussed at the meeting included electrical bids for camping spots at Carlinville Lake, a contract extension for Woodard & Curran and an update from the Alluvial Water Company.

IARWC Update

Joe Direso, the Carlinville representative to the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company (IARWC) sent a letter updating the council as to the IARWC Jan. 27 meeting. Direso’s update mentioned that the IARWC attorney David Foreman did not have a formal update but had met with counsel from both Carlinville and Bunker Hill earlier that day to discuss the best process for purchasing land for the treatment plant and well field.

Direso said that at the IAWRC meeting it was mentioned that possible funding for the project could come through BBB (Build Back Better) or ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds, but that he will defer to Brian [Zilm] on the matter.

The possibility of adding a water tower was also discussed at the IAWRC meeting. Adding the tower would allow for 1 million gallons of water to be stored.

Discussion revolved around if storing the water in a tower would be a better approach instead of a circulating pump which would be almost constantly running. Direso says that the tower would keep pressure in the lines and that the system would be very similar to the municipal system Carlinville already uses.

Woodard & Curran

The contract between the city of Carlinville and Woodard & Curran was extended. The contract was renewed for five more years. The budget for year six was included in the contract renewal. The Year Six budget, which begins May 1, 2022- April 30, 2023, will remain at the same $2,436,037 that was budgeted in years four and five. Slight changes were made to individual line items but the total amount remains the same.

Personnel Policy

The update to the Personnel Policy Manual, that had been presented to the council in December was approved. Alderman Doug Downy reminded the aldermen at the Feb. 7 meeting that the manual would be discussed and voted on at this meeting.

Other Business

The Carlinville council approved the bid from Mitchell Bros. Electric to place electrical work at four new campsites at the Carlinville Lake campground.
The council also approved the purchase and installation of ADA compliant furniture in the dispatch center of the new Public Safety Building. The furniture was ordered and is 12 weeks out on delivery. There will be two dispatch desks in the new building. At each desk there will be four 24 inch monitors, four computer processors, and each station will get a 6x6x12 inch drawer mobile storage pedestal. The cost for those 18 items plus delivery and installation came to $47,960.
The annual fee for a gaming license was updated in Carlinville. The gaming license will now cost $125 per machine for a business.